Medical Services


We are a full service family medicine practice, and deal with patients of all ages from around the world.  We can assist with prenatal care, well baby and childrens exams, sexual health, women's health, STI testing, prescriptions, blood work, referrals, contraception, annual check ups, preventative medicine, counselling, minor surgeries, and more.


Our clinic sees an abundance of urgent issues related to the active lifestyles of the patients in the bow valley.  We are available for laceration repair, casting, reduction of dislocations, concussion and head injury management, biopsies, wound management, burns, and other urgent issues.  We are also able to deal with urgent medical problems should they arise.  We are available 24/7 for urgent issues, please call our office or read our office door for our after hours number.

Walk In Services

We are happy to assist you with any problem that concerns you.  You can call ahead or just walk in during our office hours.